Don’t get me wrong. I am very happily satisfied with every tiny second of my life. As I try to keep my eyes open for just a few seconds, here are few words for you people, I realise how hell tired I am tonight. Haye aik panadol dena! So, its not just today that made me tired. It’s like a routine now. A routine I’ve actually fallen in love with just as much as I love chai. See the frequency?

I’ve got my entire body aching but still a soul who is so much at ease. I will probably sleep like a baby tonight. Oh wait, babies don’t sleep at night, NOT AT ALL. *experienced mombie* Anyhow, this crazy routine leaves me almost no time for extra shit happening around. I dont even have a second to spare and put my mind into over analysing minor injuries caused to my heart.

You see, I’m a mommy of two super duper cruper (if thats a word) babies. I feed them, shower them, play and put my kids to sleep twice after watching endless cartoons. Apparently, I also cook, clean and provide with all the other services like laundry and dish washing. No. Im not finished. I keep up with the groceries and run down to the nearest super store just before anything ends. Then, the kids are taken out for either recreational activities or the mall is their favourite place to play football. (I have more joggers than heels). After all this you come home to realise bedtime means, changing to night gowns to using half the tube of toothpaste to a gazillion goodnight stories, with trips to toilet and tantrums where the temperature of the milk bottle is either too hot or too cold.

So, this has all happened for today and I’m here writing with three sleeping babies right next to me. Two of which are mine and one belongs to the mother in law. I feel so accomplished. I’m a ninja wife, ninja mom, ninja daughter and now a ninja blogger! Please clap for me, okay? Or clap for yourself. I’m sure you’ve managed to be a ninja too, have you?



Desi abroad

Lets talk about the types of desi people living abroad. Come, have a seat. Its actually something very interesting to see how so many of us are out and about in the world. You’re never alone in any country, there’s always people who belong to your hometown around. And living away gives such feelings, trust me, I sometimes feel like hugging those strangers who I only know belong to the same home town as I do. Okay not everyone!

So, apparently some of us who as soon as they leave their desi home town, start missing every tiny bit back home. Family and friends and daily routine activities which definitely change when you move out. We miss Ami ke hath ka khana or Chacha jee wali chaat and pani puri. Honestly, food is something I miss too. Hamari darzani aur hamara driver. Such luxuries. Some people miss so much back home that they even miss the rashan walay uncle back there jo udhaar ker lia kertay thay, lol. There’s a different kind of attachment to the place you belong and some people can’t fall free from their roots. They keep missing the mitti ki khushboo hamesha and forever. Hence they keep wiping out those hidden tears with their dupatta.

However, some of us instantly feel free from a cage and move steps ahead of exploring a whole new world. Some people who are more impressed by the different cultures and mixed nationalities system. Some of us who jump from shalwar to jeans in no time. Live a life of following rules and still live life king size. Doesn’t necessarily means they leave their roots behind. It just means some people are better at moving on than other, some people choose to enjoy rather cry on chances. Some people explore rather staying comfortable with the same things all their lives. Change is always a nice therapy.

Me? I’ve moved out and I live my life to the fullest. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming crazy ass life. Lol. See, Life is a race and if you don’t run fast, you’ll end up like a broken anda. (Amazing line stolen from a movie). I’m sure everyone misses home, family and friends. Its something that’s never far from a desi persons heart no matter which part of the world they live in.

Some of us just start liking pardesi pizza more then desi daal chawal. Pardesi chocolates more then desi jalebi. Pardesi patloon more then desi kurta. Haye, anyone coming pardes? Please get me some gulab jamans? 



All at once

No matter how much you try to make time or balance events, you’re not going to make it everywhere. No chance. Unless you’re secretly an alien, which you’re not. Hah. You’re one soul but there’s so many times you’ll be standing up for the decision of either this or that. Either here or there. Either now or never. And yes, you can’t take the shortcut of any one thing for anything else. Short cuts means neither this nor that to your full potential attention.

What to choose is hard, how can you choose between this or that? Priorities. Look for that one tiny detail which has been causing the “or maybe I can do this” in your mind. Look for reasons why its conflicting your mind. Here’s a suggestion. Let somethings slip by. Let your life lose. Trust me being available in one moment to your fullest will actually result in some awe struck memories for life. Let lose. Live lose.

Its okay if you missed an amazing girls night out sometime. Its okay if you missed the sale and a chance of buying those red hot earings *(Tears) Maybe the next collection*. And its completely okay if you’re living abroad miles away from your family and missing a bunch of moments, you’re right where you’re suppose to be. All this will come again for you to witness on the perfect most time possible. So sit back and relax, hey, give me your coffee! Whatever is meant to stay will stay and whatever isn’t will slip no matter how tightly you’re grabbing hold of it. Intese shit, no?

Something will always be missed in being available for the other. Someone will always be missing. Hence make the most of where you are and whom you’re with. I make the most of it, do you? If yes, go get yourself some coffee and join me.

Beauty Uncensored

Like any other desi out there, Ive tried a gazillion products on every part of my body. Sad truth. From rubbing a tub of mayonnaise to custom made scrubs and creams from our very own kitchen. So much, that at some point I felt like putting the whole fridge on my face. Cause tomatoes are nice and so are the cucumbers and oh look theres curd too. Oh, how could I miss all these fruits.

What we normally fall into is, this and this product applied by someone we know has proved out to make her glow like Cinderella so now I’m going to apply it on myself and look even more Cinderella than her. Sorry but that’s the reality to most us these days. Just because it suits someone’s skin and makes it glow, doesn’t imply that it’s the ultimate beauty secret revealed.

Natural is the best, you’re very right. Here’s where you go wrong, you don’t know your skin. Do your research before applying anything. Look for signs and reactions that your skin gives you and then choose the ultimate secrets of nature.

After using every product there in the kitchen on myself, I’m still me. No Cinderella to pop out. But. The prince charming did definitely came.
I’m still me. Beautiful me. Are you?


Broken things, fixed lives

I witnessed a horrible incident today. But even though it shook my soul to its core, today actually turned out to be special for me. Sounds crazy, I know. But trust me, you can also smile the entire day away even though there’s been a very horrible incident linked to it. Let me explain.

I’ve moved over to UAE since past 2 years and I have a dream apartment and a life to decorate. How dramatic. Lol, anyways. So, I usually bring something every other day for the apartment. Either it helps me in the kitchen or it gets to be treated like a guest and sits comfortably in my shelf. I have a great time collecting things slowly rather getting them all at once. So this shelf I’m talking about suddenly collapsed today. And when I say collapse, I mean all those lovely guests falling down directly to the floor. Not only did all my decor broke into pieces but it also scared me and my tiny babies. Sudden incidents cause sudden reactions. So what I did is, held myself together and smiled to make the babies feel it wasnt such a big deal. Was it? MY ENTIRE COLLECTION BROKE YAR. Ofcourse it was a big deal. I’ve been collecting them since long.

Anyways. Jumping to the special part, I called up my better half. I sounded like hey a bunch of decor broke into pieces because the shelf broke but what I meant was can I please listen to your voice and make myself a little calm. Please. Turns out we had a tiny conversation and he said he’ll fix it up for me. But, something made him feel I needed him. Maybe this or something else but he came running in next 10mins. And by running I don’t literally mean running from office to home, lol. I mean he drove home leaving whatever he his work wason. He came. He hugged. Censored. Actually no, he just hugged and calmed me down back to a ninja and left.

Here I am, smiling and feeling like a hopeless romantic maniac. It meant a lot for me. Today, the shelf broke but something in our relationship got fixed, more stronger and it will always hold space in my memories

Special day, no?


Have you ever felt like you’ve been able to achieve something beyond your set of capabilities? I have. Not once but more then I could’ve imagined. I’ve moved over so many obstacles in life without failing that sometimes its really hard to believe I’ve made through.

But heres the conclusion that has landed into my mind and is staying here till the longest time possible, everyone out there is capable of achieving heights. Yes, I know so many of us look backwards only to save themselves. You’re doing it all wrong. I say you go up there and climb the heights and then just when you think you can’t take anymore, you jump. Nothing can replace you. Go for it. Take that opportunity you’ve been dreaming of but are scared of the outcome.

I dont promise you to win but I promise you one thing, with the fear of flying or falling if you wont ever jump, you wont ever live. Jump and see what happens. If you fall, you learn. And darling, what if you fly?

I’m flying cause I jumped. Did you?


Make everyday count

Heres how to make use of every day in your life. You wake up and realise how lucky you are. See your surroundings. Is there a loved one around? Does your room feels comfy and safe? Did you wake up to a healthy heart beating inside your chest? No wonder we don’t count on all the blessings around us.

Life is so much more then waking up dull and feeling hopeless towards it. I say you wake up daily and grab yourself an amazing cup of coffee and plan something that makes you feel accomplished. Makes you forget what screwed up yesterday. Get up and fix things. Do it right away. Do it daily. Dump the screwed up day and live today like yesterday never happened.

What makes me happy? Making someone smile. I’m the one who feels happier seeing others succeed. Who’d pray better life to my enemies. *flying kiss to them* I can’t carry the burden of hatred. How do others do it?

I bloom with grace and make my days count. Do you?


Moving On

You were born a potatoe. No, really I mean it. You could do nothing on your own when you were born. But then one day after immense hardwork you moved on from that and actually began crawling. Teething. Taking steps. We keep moving on. From being able to see the World through our imaginative tiny eyes to realising none of this actually exist, we all grow up to reality.

We leave our safe heaven and start school. Thats where we first face the World. We enhance our minds not only educationally but also socially. We learn, we grow. When do we grow? From when we fail to when we lose our loved ones. We grow and we move on. Its like a clicheé. Everyone goes through this.

Does moving on ever stops? It does. You stop moving on and you start moving along. Is there a difference? Ofcourse there is. You move on when you want to change things but you move along when you accept and start loving and living in.

I’m moving along, are you?


Living Healthy

I’m the kind of person who not only lives to the fullest but also makes sure Im doing it right. So the first thing that comes into my mind when talking about a happy life is, “A healthy life”. By healthy lifestyle, I dont only mean a great meal everyday but I mean least drama and two faced people. Like eating junk can ruin your health, keeping junk can too. Okay now lets agree to this, so many of us have a bunch of people who we choose to keep in life only because we don’t want to lose them. We deal with all the “non sense drama” and “the blame game” only for that person to still stay in our lives. And that’s what I call unhealthy.

You see, I believe everyone needs people who are there when we feel like nobody will be. But heres the point, The ones you’re holding onto with dealing so much of drama are the ones who’d never show up. These people aren’t real if you need to keep up with a whole lot of drama to maintain the space they have in your life. Hence, look beyond collecting junk and start to declutter your life.

Live life like you really know its an one time opportunity that you really cant miss on someone that probably means a lot to you but you aren’t as special for them. Eat healthy and live healthy.pexels-photo-877701.jpeg