Have you ever noticed how delicate you are? This layer you have over your body protects all that is within. It protects your heart, your soul. Ever tried looking what’s beneath this skin? Ever tried looking what have you kept under yours?

Whats under your skin is what you really are. Are you angry? It’s probably making your soul weak and heart empty to all those lovely choices out there. Are you jealous? You’re probably destroying whatever is within. Are you sad? You’re probably weakening your inner desires.

But, what if you’re happy? Determined? Excited? Adventurous? Enthusiastic? Youre probably feeding a healthy diet to your soul and heart beneath all that skin of yours. You’re fighting all the wrongs so you can keep up with the glow within your skin.

Outshine others. You’re too good to be true. Be the real and most amazing version of yourself. Don’t let the darkness of someone else lower your shine. Shine enough for others to keep some of your shine in their pockets. Be happy and spread happiness. Are you happy? Is your skin glowing? Spread it.



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