Every person in your life needs it. You utilize your energy to fill up the emotions of those you love by putting in your part. And this implies to anyone you want to keep for a lifetime.

You know like those friends from school who part ways for different interests in future and career, you put your effort to keep them. You communicate, you stick around. And those college buddys, choosing different fields, you decide who you want to keep in your life. You put in the effort. Furthermore, your colleagues, you keep your effort of staying in touch. Your family, even if you live together or miles apart, they need your effort. Need a reminder that you still care to think of them once a while. Your wife, your children, they need it. An extra bit.

Everyone needs a part of your actions that shows you want to keep them in your life. A little gesture. A little more time. A little out of the way. A little surprise. A text, a buzz or a call. Make it for the ones who maybe out there are waiting for you. Do your part to let your loved ones know you want to keep them. And keep doing your part. You will definitely know who is worth keeping and who to let go off.

Do you have someone in your life who you’ve not showed some effort, don’t wait, I say you do it right away!



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