Your first one is sometimes your last one. Make the most of every chance that hits in your life. No matter how big or meaningful it is or how tiny and unnecessary it seems. Take it and bang the best outta yourself. There’s a possibility of something that can or cannot happen just because you had to decide if or if not you want to do it.

Arrey bari simple si baat hai guys. Stop complicating life so much. Look for chances. There are more then you can grab and trust me, they are slipping by so fast that some day you’ll be sitting on your couch with those wrinkles on face and tears in your eyes, thinking if only I would’ve gotten a chance to AAAAND pause right here. Dont let this happen. Grab your chances.

Did you get it? A chance to say “I miss you” or “I love you”. Did you get it to say it to someone special? If yes, say it more often. If no. Make sure you don’t make it a habit of losing chances to express. Let all those chances hold immense importance in your life so that you can smile while you look back into life with that wrinkled face of yours.

Take chances you are scared to take. Take chance of going to places you never thought you could’ve reached. Do things that make you grab maximum of the chances you can have ahead in life.

Good ones and bad ones, welcome them all. Theres either adventure or lesson to the end of the road. But its completely worth a chance. Give life a chance. Chance to win and only win after a gazillion times of losing. Don’t stop. Keep taking chnaces.

You’re doing it right if you’re excited to see how the chance you took ends up into. Are you excited?


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