Is today special? I don’t know about you but today is not just another days for me. A year has 365days. Sab ko pata hai. Out of which, maybe someone somewhere is having the time of their life. While, on the other hand someone else might be having the worst possible day today. It’s not the same for everyone.

I’m the type of person whose actually turned out to be bright and shiny after all that I’ve faced. Dheet kaha ja sakta hai. Lol. So, anything even the most meaningless act or gesture of anyone, even strangers, it makes my day big. Sach much. I’ve stopped working on the loop of expectations for those who probably won’t ever realise they’re holding up some space in my heart. See, some people choose to consume your heart but they’re the reason your day will go screwed. Cause you can’t stop hurting on their insensitivity towards you. Hadh hai na yar?

Let the doors to your heart be open to a more better person who brings out the brightest and most chicknaa version you’ve ever been. Let the world make you smile. So, you can flaunt your glossy lips. We’ll talk about lip colors soon though. And, Those who control your mood and heart for the purpose of destroying your pretty mascara with precious tears, kick them out. Don’t waste your mascara, its expensive. And so are your tears.

Anyhow, good or bad, its just 24 hours daily. You need to cross time either letting something consume you or brushing off the dust cause there ain’t space for more junk in your life. Let open yourself to the world and let it make your lips smile and your eyes glow. Are you consumed or are you making today count?


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