I’m going to throw some seriously true words in there about life and priorities and relationships so anyone who can’t take the truth right into the face is free to walk away right now.

Those of you staying, Hey! So here goes. From the very first point of meeting a guy and letting him into your life, you notice. Notice this word and see where in his list of priorities do you stand? So many of us, we overlook things and believe what our mind tells us cause it’s just trying really hard to get us into a commitment and out of our loner self ofcourse. But, what we are over looking at times is what matters later into life or at some point those ignored issues hold real meaning.

So, if there’s a guy out there in your life whose seeing you or dating you. He’s either halfway committed or lets assume is your life partner now. Check where does he puts you in his list of priorities. He’s putting you beneath his work, friends and maybe some other activity or is he really making some effort for you? If youre somewhere in between or beneath the list of his priorities, its probably not because he doesn’t likes you or love you, but there’s a difference in liking someone and respecting someone.

There’s really never a need for anyone in your life if they’re going to bend backwards to provide you but there really is suppose to be some big need of a person who out there respects you. Who puts you first in his first of priorities when you know you deserve it the most. If he’s not responsible enough to put in that respected priority, I say you wake up from the dream of fantasies and fix things before its too late.

Him being available for cricket or his endless scrolling online or having give more importance to his friends or just thinking of work when around you is a red alarm for you. I say you look where you stand. If there is something he’s constantly occupied(read again) into when around you, then you better see where you stand.

Don’t worry if you’re beneath somewhere in priorities, you can always fix things. Just stop compromising your respect cause he won’t take responsibility of your emotions. You can cover up for so much of which maybe he’s lacking to provide but something that you cannot recover is respect. And in order for that to happen. You need to love and recognise yourself. Make him realise when and where you are more important than that game on tv or time out with friends or his work. You deserve it. You’re worthy of a lot more. Don’t let yourself slip underneath.

Relationships require effort. Require respect. Require team work. So help him where you want him to improve and ask for help where he wants your understanding.  Make it work. Make it worthwhile. Are you giving your better half the time of their life?


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