Do you like it? I’m sure not everyone here says yes. Some of us, we like how everything around us is. We like the same old pyjamas and the same old friends, the same hair tie everyday and probably the same food choices and living choices. Its how we are comfortable. We don’t wish to cross the line of comfort into awkwardness. I agree, thats very normal and very easy going. You know like laying back and living it easy. But, Its actually watching endless choices pass by cause you’ve chosen yours and they aint changing, nah-ah!

There are people out there who love change. And with love I mean, LOVE IT. That’s the kind I fall into. You know how changing from comfortable to something completely mysterious to our instincts and getting touched by it. Trying new colors of nail polish apart from red. Changing hairs with a bang on color or maybe just getting a different hairstyle done. Meeting people you’ve never known and maybe trying on some funny shoes. Taking part in some game or challenge that probably scares you but who knows. And a crazily long list guys. Even eating new cuisines for the sake of trying new flavors. So many adventures awaiting. I’ve tried change and I love it. Not everytime did I win at my challenges of change but I’m so glad I took them. I love how theres a whole world full of choices open for you to try and see if its better then the one you’ve always been sticking too.

You see, the world is moving so fast, updated gadgets, new software’s, new technologies, new lifestyle and new ways to almost everything. Sticking to the same choices is just preventing you. Its preventing you to try all those lovely choices out there. Trying new is very hard, but once you get to know it well, whether its a gadget or a software or a new person, you do fall in love with them. See I’ve changed from IOS to Android. (Completely unrequired information). I’m in love with the change. Theres always space for change. What if you love it? Not saying always but sometimes you will see how it affects your life in a positive way.

So. Here’s a tip. Life is too short to end up not knowing how the other flavor of the ice cream tasted if you wont leave chocolate. Its too short to end up with the same life structure forever. Get up and do something to add some masala to your life. Who knows, maybe the masala turns it into the sweetest and most amazing discovery you’ve ever made. Will you try something new? I’m guaranteeing you, it’ll be completely worthwhile.


One thought on “Change

  1. Change is necessary. Even nature itself changes. It’s nature law. You see, you don’t have rhe same weather or season for long and even everyday is different. Sometimes its cloudy whereas the other day its a bright sunny morning. Its beautiful how a tiny seed becomes a beautiful flower just because it suffers few changes. Change is inevitable and change is the pathway to new. Change is power 👌

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