Tonight brought immense feelings running back home. I crave going back home, sitting on the couch completely idle and watching endless television. Watch cricket.

9 years! You know how long time it is? We missed you cricket. We missed this all, the players, the people cheering, the unity of being together as one nation, the game itself, the refree, the indefinite description of every tiny detail from pitch to score, the sixes and fours. Haye.

PSL closing ceremony held in karachi stadium tonight. You know how excited we were for this all to begin. We drove 2 hours from home to attend the opening ceremony, which was crazyyy. From Ali Zafars performance to heart wrenching fireworks. Can’t believe I saw the closing ceremony tonight.

Anyhow. It holds immense importance to my heart to see my hometown light up with cheers of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Our land has been barren to cricket for the mistake of some culprits. Lets not get into details. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every game and have felt super proud of my nation tonight.

Islambad won. But most importantly Pakistan won. And will always win. Its my nation. I love my nation. Do you love yours?



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