There’s a hidden bitch in every bitchari out there and you need to find her. Please, do it for me if not yourself? NO ONE is a bitchari. I don’t know how this word even landed into desi language. How can this word be used for a woman. I’m not trying to sound feminist here. I’m stating something that shouldve been recognised as a fact by our society. We women are not bitchari. We’re anything but bitchari.

A woman when comes to stand onto her own two feet, she walks beyond any mountain infront of her. A women is never weak. There’s just a concept out there that gives a feeling that women need a shoulder to lean onto. Uh, no we dont. We’re birds who fly higher than ever when let out of the cage of consuming thoughts of the society.

We start as amazing daughters, live as cool sisters, continue to hold friends forever and from sexy wives we become fantasy mothers. We’re as important to the world as the other gender. Not one percent less.

I’m a bitch not a bitchari. What are you?


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