Let’s talk about something really sensitive today. Have you ever cheated someone or did someone ever cheat you? EVER? It’s clear as mirror.

Have you ever made notes and cheated in examination thinking, its just one answer and the teacher might probably never know about it. So what happens is you get more marks in comparison to the student who didn’t cheat. You got the degree, the job that maybe somewhere deep down you know was well deserved by someone who actually studied all night to make it and and couldn’t cause you had hidden notes to cheat those marks out.

Everyone out there cheats. Its a mad world. The seller is cheating you with damaged products and so is the buyer cheating with fake payments. People making fake promises. People who say they will do exactly as they said but turns out they’re going to be doing the exact opposite. Social media helps cheating with such ease. Its easy to delete things you did online. But does that means you’re not cheating? Think again.

Cheating is easy when you’re handing your trust to someone you might not know so well. But, its the easiest when someone knows you inside out. They can walk right through you leaving footprints that might never erase.

Cheating is either black or white, there’s no grey in between. Either you decide to walk out of the trust or you decide to stay. You see this door of trust can either stay fully open or is completely shut. There’s no hanging in between the door of might happen or might not.

Cheating destroys. It’s the kind of wound that never heals the perception of the other person ever. Its a wound that stays fresh and leaves a huge scar. Stop giving scars of trust. Stop if you’re doing it to anyone out there. Stop lying. Stop hiding. Stop deleting. Stop exploiting. Stop, just stop.

And start giving. Give love, give hope, give time, give smile and give the ease of letting people feel vulnerable around you. Give yourself in a way that makes the other person stop doing wrong. Make the world a place of clean hearted people or if not the world, change your surroundings atleast. You stop. Others stop. Be vulnerable and make others feel vulnerable around you.

Stop damaging, start fixing. Life is too short to lose trust. Earn something to make yourself proud. I’m fixing, I’m earning, are you? If not start right away!



2 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. You’re right. Trust is very important and more important is to maintain it. Once broken can never be back to same. Really like how you explained this minor but valuable issue keep going 😀

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