Today we had our friend’s over for tea to dinner to sitting late night and gulping another cup of tea for energy recharge. Chai is the ultimate charger for any desi out there. If you dont love chai, you don’t love me. Okay, back to the friends. Life is incomplete without friends who slowly turn into your blood relations. I mean what’s the point of life if you can’t whine about it infront of someone who will never judge you for it?

We make friends from like the start of life, even my 5 months old bub has a buddy now! It’s the best to have someone around to share the crazy thoughts and idea’s that pop into your mind time to time. Then living away from family your friends actually give you some moments of super silly laughter. They just add into that empty space of someone missing. Its like a booster and I love spending time with friends.

We exchange our experiences throughout the time we didn’t meet and we actually share some helpful tips with each other. Then we pull each others leg since we cant live without that part as well. We have endless gossips and information to share which at times is completely useless but who cares. Its fun to be in a different world for a while and I enjoy every second of it.

Have you met your friends lately?



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