Have you ever noticed how delicate you are? This layer you have over your body protects all that is within. It protects your heart, your soul. Ever tried looking what’s beneath this skin? Ever tried looking what have you kept under yours?

Whats under your skin is what you really are. Are you angry? It’s probably making your soul weak and heart empty to all those lovely choices out there. Are you jealous? You’re probably destroying whatever is within. Are you sad? You’re probably weakening your inner desires.

But, what if you’re happy? Determined? Excited? Adventurous? Enthusiastic? Youre probably feeding a healthy diet to your soul and heart beneath all that skin of yours. You’re fighting all the wrongs so you can keep up with the glow within your skin.

Outshine others. You’re too good to be true. Be the real and most amazing version of yourself. Don’t let the darkness of someone else lower your shine. Shine enough for others to keep some of your shine in their pockets. Be happy and spread happiness. Are you happy? Is your skin glowing? Spread it.




Your first one is sometimes your last one. Make the most of every chance that hits in your life. No matter how big or meaningful it is or how tiny and unnecessary it seems. Take it and bang the best outta yourself. There’s a possibility of something that can or cannot happen just because you had to decide if or if not you want to do it.

Arrey bari simple si baat hai guys. Stop complicating life so much. Look for chances. There are more then you can grab and trust me, they are slipping by so fast that some day you’ll be sitting on your couch with those wrinkles on face and tears in your eyes, thinking if only I would’ve gotten a chance to AAAAND pause right here. Dont let this happen. Grab your chances.

Did you get it? A chance to say “I miss you” or “I love you”. Did you get it to say it to someone special? If yes, say it more often. If no. Make sure you don’t make it a habit of losing chances to express. Let all those chances hold immense importance in your life so that you can smile while you look back into life with that wrinkled face of yours.

Take chances you are scared to take. Take chance of going to places you never thought you could’ve reached. Do things that make you grab maximum of the chances you can have ahead in life.

Good ones and bad ones, welcome them all. Theres either adventure or lesson to the end of the road. But its completely worth a chance. Give life a chance. Chance to win and only win after a gazillion times of losing. Don’t stop. Keep taking chnaces.

You’re doing it right if you’re excited to see how the chance you took ends up into. Are you excited?



Every person in your life needs it. You utilize your energy to fill up the emotions of those you love by putting in your part. And this implies to anyone you want to keep for a lifetime.

You know like those friends from school who part ways for different interests in future and career, you put your effort to keep them. You communicate, you stick around. And those college buddys, choosing different fields, you decide who you want to keep in your life. You put in the effort. Furthermore, your colleagues, you keep your effort of staying in touch. Your family, even if you live together or miles apart, they need your effort. Need a reminder that you still care to think of them once a while. Your wife, your children, they need it. An extra bit.

Everyone needs a part of your actions that shows you want to keep them in your life. A little gesture. A little more time. A little out of the way. A little surprise. A text, a buzz or a call. Make it for the ones who maybe out there are waiting for you. Do your part to let your loved ones know you want to keep them. And keep doing your part. You will definitely know who is worth keeping and who to let go off.

Do you have someone in your life who you’ve not showed some effort, don’t wait, I say you do it right away!




Is today special? I don’t know about you but today is not just another days for me. A year has 365days. Sab ko pata hai. Out of which, maybe someone somewhere is having the time of their life. While, on the other hand someone else might be having the worst possible day today. It’s not the same for everyone.

I’m the type of person whose actually turned out to be bright and shiny after all that I’ve faced. Dheet kaha ja sakta hai. Lol. So, anything even the most meaningless act or gesture of anyone, even strangers, it makes my day big. Sach much. I’ve stopped working on the loop of expectations for those who probably won’t ever realise they’re holding up some space in my heart. See, some people choose to consume your heart but they’re the reason your day will go screwed. Cause you can’t stop hurting on their insensitivity towards you. Hadh hai na yar?

Let the doors to your heart be open to a more better person who brings out the brightest and most chicknaa version you’ve ever been. Let the world make you smile. So, you can flaunt your glossy lips. We’ll talk about lip colors soon though. And, Those who control your mood and heart for the purpose of destroying your pretty mascara with precious tears, kick them out. Don’t waste your mascara, its expensive. And so are your tears.

Anyhow, good or bad, its just 24 hours daily. You need to cross time either letting something consume you or brushing off the dust cause there ain’t space for more junk in your life. Let open yourself to the world and let it make your lips smile and your eyes glow. Are you consumed or are you making today count?



I’m going to throw some seriously true words in there about life and priorities and relationships so anyone who can’t take the truth right into the face is free to walk away right now.

Those of you staying, Hey! So here goes. From the very first point of meeting a guy and letting him into your life, you notice. Notice this word and see where in his list of priorities do you stand? So many of us, we overlook things and believe what our mind tells us cause it’s just trying really hard to get us into a commitment and out of our loner self ofcourse. But, what we are over looking at times is what matters later into life or at some point those ignored issues hold real meaning.

So, if there’s a guy out there in your life whose seeing you or dating you. He’s either halfway committed or lets assume is your life partner now. Check where does he puts you in his list of priorities. He’s putting you beneath his work, friends and maybe some other activity or is he really making some effort for you? If youre somewhere in between or beneath the list of his priorities, its probably not because he doesn’t likes you or love you, but there’s a difference in liking someone and respecting someone.

There’s really never a need for anyone in your life if they’re going to bend backwards to provide you but there really is suppose to be some big need of a person who out there respects you. Who puts you first in his first of priorities when you know you deserve it the most. If he’s not responsible enough to put in that respected priority, I say you wake up from the dream of fantasies and fix things before its too late.

Him being available for cricket or his endless scrolling online or having give more importance to his friends or just thinking of work when around you is a red alarm for you. I say you look where you stand. If there is something he’s constantly occupied(read again) into when around you, then you better see where you stand.

Don’t worry if you’re beneath somewhere in priorities, you can always fix things. Just stop compromising your respect cause he won’t take responsibility of your emotions. You can cover up for so much of which maybe he’s lacking to provide but something that you cannot recover is respect. And in order for that to happen. You need to love and recognise yourself. Make him realise when and where you are more important than that game on tv or time out with friends or his work. You deserve it. You’re worthy of a lot more. Don’t let yourself slip underneath.

Relationships require effort. Require respect. Require team work. So help him where you want him to improve and ask for help where he wants your understanding.  Make it work. Make it worthwhile. Are you giving your better half the time of their life?



Do you like it? I’m sure not everyone here says yes. Some of us, we like how everything around us is. We like the same old pyjamas and the same old friends, the same hair tie everyday and probably the same food choices and living choices. Its how we are comfortable. We don’t wish to cross the line of comfort into awkwardness. I agree, thats very normal and very easy going. You know like laying back and living it easy. But, Its actually watching endless choices pass by cause you’ve chosen yours and they aint changing, nah-ah!

There are people out there who love change. And with love I mean, LOVE IT. That’s the kind I fall into. You know how changing from comfortable to something completely mysterious to our instincts and getting touched by it. Trying new colors of nail polish apart from red. Changing hairs with a bang on color or maybe just getting a different hairstyle done. Meeting people you’ve never known and maybe trying on some funny shoes. Taking part in some game or challenge that probably scares you but who knows. And a crazily long list guys. Even eating new cuisines for the sake of trying new flavors. So many adventures awaiting. I’ve tried change and I love it. Not everytime did I win at my challenges of change but I’m so glad I took them. I love how theres a whole world full of choices open for you to try and see if its better then the one you’ve always been sticking too.

You see, the world is moving so fast, updated gadgets, new software’s, new technologies, new lifestyle and new ways to almost everything. Sticking to the same choices is just preventing you. Its preventing you to try all those lovely choices out there. Trying new is very hard, but once you get to know it well, whether its a gadget or a software or a new person, you do fall in love with them. See I’ve changed from IOS to Android. (Completely unrequired information). I’m in love with the change. Theres always space for change. What if you love it? Not saying always but sometimes you will see how it affects your life in a positive way.

So. Here’s a tip. Life is too short to end up not knowing how the other flavor of the ice cream tasted if you wont leave chocolate. Its too short to end up with the same life structure forever. Get up and do something to add some masala to your life. Who knows, maybe the masala turns it into the sweetest and most amazing discovery you’ve ever made. Will you try something new? I’m guaranteeing you, it’ll be completely worthwhile.



Tonight brought immense feelings running back home. I crave going back home, sitting on the couch completely idle and watching endless television. Watch cricket.

9 years! You know how long time it is? We missed you cricket. We missed this all, the players, the people cheering, the unity of being together as one nation, the game itself, the refree, the indefinite description of every tiny detail from pitch to score, the sixes and fours. Haye.

PSL closing ceremony held in karachi stadium tonight. You know how excited we were for this all to begin. We drove 2 hours from home to attend the opening ceremony, which was crazyyy. From Ali Zafars performance to heart wrenching fireworks. Can’t believe I saw the closing ceremony tonight.

Anyhow. It holds immense importance to my heart to see my hometown light up with cheers of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Our land has been barren to cricket for the mistake of some culprits. Lets not get into details. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every game and have felt super proud of my nation tonight.

Islambad won. But most importantly Pakistan won. And will always win. Its my nation. I love my nation. Do you love yours?




There’s a hidden bitch in every bitchari out there and you need to find her. Please, do it for me if not yourself? NO ONE is a bitchari. I don’t know how this word even landed into desi language. How can this word be used for a woman. I’m not trying to sound feminist here. I’m stating something that shouldve been recognised as a fact by our society. We women are not bitchari. We’re anything but bitchari.

A woman when comes to stand onto her own two feet, she walks beyond any mountain infront of her. A women is never weak. There’s just a concept out there that gives a feeling that women need a shoulder to lean onto. Uh, no we dont. We’re birds who fly higher than ever when let out of the cage of consuming thoughts of the society.

We start as amazing daughters, live as cool sisters, continue to hold friends forever and from sexy wives we become fantasy mothers. We’re as important to the world as the other gender. Not one percent less.

I’m a bitch not a bitchari. What are you?



Let’s talk about something really sensitive today. Have you ever cheated someone or did someone ever cheat you? EVER? It’s clear as mirror.

Have you ever made notes and cheated in examination thinking, its just one answer and the teacher might probably never know about it. So what happens is you get more marks in comparison to the student who didn’t cheat. You got the degree, the job that maybe somewhere deep down you know was well deserved by someone who actually studied all night to make it and and couldn’t cause you had hidden notes to cheat those marks out.

Everyone out there cheats. Its a mad world. The seller is cheating you with damaged products and so is the buyer cheating with fake payments. People making fake promises. People who say they will do exactly as they said but turns out they’re going to be doing the exact opposite. Social media helps cheating with such ease. Its easy to delete things you did online. But does that means you’re not cheating? Think again.

Cheating is easy when you’re handing your trust to someone you might not know so well. But, its the easiest when someone knows you inside out. They can walk right through you leaving footprints that might never erase.

Cheating is either black or white, there’s no grey in between. Either you decide to walk out of the trust or you decide to stay. You see this door of trust can either stay fully open or is completely shut. There’s no hanging in between the door of might happen or might not.

Cheating destroys. It’s the kind of wound that never heals the perception of the other person ever. Its a wound that stays fresh and leaves a huge scar. Stop giving scars of trust. Stop if you’re doing it to anyone out there. Stop lying. Stop hiding. Stop deleting. Stop exploiting. Stop, just stop.

And start giving. Give love, give hope, give time, give smile and give the ease of letting people feel vulnerable around you. Give yourself in a way that makes the other person stop doing wrong. Make the world a place of clean hearted people or if not the world, change your surroundings atleast. You stop. Others stop. Be vulnerable and make others feel vulnerable around you.

Stop damaging, start fixing. Life is too short to lose trust. Earn something to make yourself proud. I’m fixing, I’m earning, are you? If not start right away!




Today we had our friend’s over for tea to dinner to sitting late night and gulping another cup of tea for energy recharge. Chai is the ultimate charger for any desi out there. If you dont love chai, you don’t love me. Okay, back to the friends. Life is incomplete without friends who slowly turn into your blood relations. I mean what’s the point of life if you can’t whine about it infront of someone who will never judge you for it?

We make friends from like the start of life, even my 5 months old bub has a buddy now! It’s the best to have someone around to share the crazy thoughts and idea’s that pop into your mind time to time. Then living away from family your friends actually give you some moments of super silly laughter. They just add into that empty space of someone missing. Its like a booster and I love spending time with friends.

We exchange our experiences throughout the time we didn’t meet and we actually share some helpful tips with each other. Then we pull each others leg since we cant live without that part as well. We have endless gossips and information to share which at times is completely useless but who cares. Its fun to be in a different world for a while and I enjoy every second of it.

Have you met your friends lately?